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The holidays are over. However, it did seem like it has been four days of a Saturday? I woke up this morning thinking I believe this is Monday. I confirmed with Alexa.  

For me, the New Year really starts on the first Monday of the month. The holiday season was really nice. I spent the time with my wonderful Alabama friends.  

Typically holidays are hard since both my parents passed away. Add-in for 2020 that I couldn’t travel to see my family and friends in Florida. I thought it was going to be miserable, but I wasn’t.  

My friend Kim came over on New Year’s Eve, and we cooked up a traditional holiday meal. Kim made collard greens, cowboy caviar, and sweet potato dumplings. At the same time, I made a baked ham from South’s Finest Meats, scalloped potatoes, and black-eyed peas. Kim brought her Instant Pot for me to try out. We ended up at the Northport Wal-Mart that afternoon, and I bought one.  

However, around 1 pm on New Year’s Eve, while we were cooking in our pj's, I noticed the sounds of a helicopter flying over. This went on for at least 20 minutes. Growing up in South Florida, you notice these things. I even said, “oh, they looking-looking for someone.” We went on with our cooking.  

Where I live, I have a front door and back door to the patio. No one ever comes to the patio door. While I was on the phone, there was a “bring yourself” knock at the back door. It scared us both. I hung up the phone.  

Thinking in my head about the helicopter sounds. Kim peered through the blinds and slightly whispered, “it’s a cop.” My heart sank.  

It was the Tuscaloosa Police Department. One officer was standing on my patio and one out in the grassy area. He identified himself and asked us if we heard any gunshots. We both hadn’t heard any gunshots, just the helicopter. But, where I live, it’s hard to hear outside noises because of how my place is positioned.

The officer told us that there were reports of gunshots. In my mind, and I’m sure my facial expression showed, “OMG, gunshots where I live. WHAT??????” The officer thanked us for our time, told us to be safe, and wished us a Happy New Year. We thanked them both for their service.  

I don’t know if it was an early celebration of shooting a gun. BUT PLEASE STOP SHOOTING GUNS ON NEW YEAR’S EVE! It’s so early 2000s. The Tuscaloosa Thread reported that celebratory gunfire damaged two Tuscaloosa residences.  

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