It appears that the importance of voting in local and state elections is becoming clearer, and people have more of a desire for their voices to be heard as more Tuscaloosa residents are taking interest in politics and understanding how the branches of government work.

In order for informed decisions to be made, citizens must first know not only which district in which they live but also who represents them at the table. Click here for a map of municipal districts.  Once you know your district, discovering who represents you and how to contact that person is easy. That information is available at this link.

Now, if there are issues in your district which need to be addressed, contact your council person.

Various city committees meet on Tuesdays.  Agendas for the meetings are available on the City of Tuscaloosa’s website.

On the agenda for the Council Public Projects Committee Meeting in the area of new business are the following:

  • A small public works contract with Isbell Insulation & Vinyl Siding Inc.
  • Filing of public comments concerning a hydroelectric project at Oliver Dam.
  • A drainage project at 55th Street East.
  • An update on Cribbs Mill Creek Tributary 5

The Council Finance Committee Meeting is set to discuss accident and volunteer insurance renewal as well as water and sewer reserve for a Future Improvements budget revision.

On the agenda for the Council Public Safety Committee Meeting are the following:

  • A Comcast franchise agreement
  • A discussion on funeral escorts
  • A renewed resolution declaring emergency actions and powers necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A resolution requiring face coverings to be worn while interacting in public places in the City of Tuscaloosa.
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