Today is the day!!  A Rematch between the Alabama Crimson Tide and  Clemson!

As I told you, not only do I have friends in South Carolina, I have a lot of family there too!  Either way, the  are all Clemson fans!

This will be Alabama's 19th time playing Clemson, would you believe out of the 18 times, Clemson has only won 4 of those games!

I expect today to be a repeat!  So much so that I made a friendly wager to a radio personality friend of mine.  If you haven't heard, Big Mike from South Carolina and I are betting on the game.  Now, what's in it for you?  LUNCH!

If Alabama wins tonight, Big Mike is buying me and 2 of my listeners lunch!  If Clemson wins, it will be me buying lunch for him and two of his listeners!

We already know how this is going to end, so if you would like to win lunch with me, share this blog and think of a good spot for us to have lunch at!