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Today is National Cheeseburger Day!  With that being said, you know I love my surveys and polls, so here is another one for you! According to a new poll, 82% of Americans say they LOVE cheeseburgers.

The poll also asked people for their favorite type of cheese to use on a burger.  And it was close, but AMERICAN was the top pick.


Here are our five favorite types of cheeseburger cheeses . . .


1.  American.  66% like it on burgers.

2.  Cheddar.  65%.

3.  Swiss, 43%.

4.  Pepper jack, 40%.

5.  Provolone, 31%.

So in honor of National cheeseburger day, go to your favorite burger joint and get your favorite cheese burger. Speaking of favorite hamburger restaurants, which burger restaurant chain is number one?

To my surprise, it's NOT McDonalds!  McDonald's came in at number 14, to see the complete list, Click here