Today is day that I love, National Chili Dog Day! We just had National hot Dog Day July 19th and this takes it a few steps further.
There’s something about the smell of a chili dog that is just amazing, the rich mixture of traditional hot dog with a hearty serving of chili on top just means the day got that much better.

You can find them at fairs, you can find them along the street in major cities everywhere, or even just being prepared in your own kitchen.

The only thing better than a chili dog? A chili dog buried under a mountain of melting cheese, because cheese makes a great thing better.

Chili Dog Day requires Chili Dogs! It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Get yourself out into the world and get all you need to make your very own. If you’re feeling truly adventurous this won’t end at the grocery store, but will involve making up your very own chili in your own style. Who knows, maybe your chili dog will be the next one that everyone wants to try? Chili Dog Day is your opportunity to find out!

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