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It’s official. 2020 really has it in for us all. You are not even ready for this news. I don’t even know how to break this information to you. But here we go.


I know you can practically hear a pin drop.

The misery. The torment. The Rolling eyes. Bring! It! On! I’m here for it.

It’s a Southern Thing, delivered the news to us all. “Unfortunately, folks looking to get their holiday spirit sugar high on will have to wait a little longer than usual this year as the release of Little Debbie's seasonal cakes will be a bit delayed.”

There is some hope on the horizon in the word “delayed.” When will we get the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes?

"Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes should be available in stores beginning the first week of November this year, according to Jacquelyn Webb, a representative for the brand. That means they'll likely be up for grabs in your area within the next three to four weeks,” said It’s A Southern Thing.

A sense of calmness has come over me. I have been enjoying the Christmas Tree Cakes for as long as I can remember. In “1985, A legend is born. Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes are one of the most iconic snacks around. Do you remember their original triangular shape and chocolate trunk? Even though the classic scalloped tree shape wasn’t introduced until 2012, nothing says “Christmastime” quite like these festive treats,” per Little Debbie.

I can’t wait to get my box. For me, it brings back memories. I used to get a box for Christmas in my stocking. I thought they were some exclusive, expensive Christmas treat. I still feel this way when I get a box as a grown-up.

(Source) For more from It’s A Southern Thing, click here.  For more Little Debbie History, click here.

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