Jhene Aiko has a reserved persona, but she isn't too shy when speaking about her feelings. It's not something she does just through her music either. The 25-year-old songstress semi-jokingly asked Conan O'Brien to be her Valentine, and in a recent interview with Rap-Up, she calls Drake her "musical soulmate."

This doesn't mean they're romantically involved (so keep your small hopes up, fellas), but she does break down what she means by "soulmate" during the chat. "I just feel like our voices compliment each other, our writing styles, all of that," the Los Angeles native says.

The singer has been backing up Drake in a lot of his bigger performances of 'From Time,' including during his Would You Like a Tour? series and an unannounced appearance on the Drake-hosted 'Saturday Night Live' episode.

Future collaborations aren't out of the question either: “I would love to do a full project with him. I think that it would be really dope," Aiko shares. While a collaboration between Drake and the 'Sail Out' creator is a maybe, her debut album, 'Souled Out,' is definitely on the way. She's aiming to drop the album this summer.