Though any holiday or observance where our family gathers is loads of fun, April Fool's Day is probably one of my daughter's favorites!  This year, she decided to pull a prank of her own.

Just to give you a little background, Jireh is a YouTube fanatic and has one of the biggest personalities in her small body.  We laugh and play all the time.  Some of her most fond activities include scaring people and pulling pranks.

So, she started planning her prank days in advance.  No doubt this was something she saw on YouTube.  She asked for my help, and we made it happen.

Basically, she wanted to make a sponge cake... Literally!  Considering the fact that she has an Easy Bake oven, the size of the cake was slightly believable.

We bought two rectangular sponges, covered them with frosting, stacked them on top of each other, put more frosting around the sides, and covered the top with sprinkles.

Jireh wanted this cake to be for my sister. So, I called her and told her Jireh wanted her to have a cake she made for her.  Aris was soooooo touched.  When she came in, she started talking about just how sweet Jireh was and that she has no problem spoiling her because Jireh is just so thoughtful. Meanwhile, I'm in the dark, recording.  I'm laughing so hard, but I couldn't make a sound.  So, tears streamed down my face.

My sister went all over the house looking for me, and Jireh told her that she thought I stepped outside and went to the shed or something. (Side note:  She came up with that rather quickly.  Now, I have taken note of both her creativity and how she can lie with a straight face.)  So, Aris asks if she can go ahead and cut the cake.  Jireh tells her she can.  At this point, I can hardly contain my laughter.  I'm still recording, but the camera is wobbling and shaking.

Aris goes to cut the cake and realizes she can't.  Jireh yells, "April Fool!"  They're laughing, and my sister asks, "Where's Jade?"  I finally release my laughter and emerge from the darkness.


I don't know how Jireh is going to top this one next year, but I certainly look forward to it.

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