Ever since I became aware of Juneteenth's significance, I've taken on the approach to walk in complete freedom.

It goes without saying that this is a process of making deliberate decisions to bring about the changes I want to see, but there are so many areas in our lives to which we are enslaved and don't realize it. Here are a few:

1. Labels- You'd probably be surprised to know how many people think fashion is dependent upon what designer created a piece when in all actuality, if we're honest with ourselves, a lot of designer fashions are ugly.  Yeah, I said it. But we willingly spend our money on ugly items and pay excessive amounts for them to show that "we've arrived."

Be free today! You're worth more than ugly, expensive clothes... Especially when high society is going to tell you they aren't worth anything next year so you'll discard them and spend another hefty amount on another round.

2. Debt- This is a major one!  There are certain systems that are designed to keep consumers in a cycle of spending. (See above.) For instance, when using credit cards, you can be allowed to spend hundreds of dollars at once; but once you get the monthly statement, it'll give you a minimum amount due that is a mere fraction of what you've spent. If you only pay that amount, by the time the next statement comes, your balance could be the same amount as it was before you made the minimum payment.  If that amount was already at the top of your limit, it could surpass the limit and create an additional amount in the form of an "over the limit" fee.

Free yourself from this!  It probably can't be done as immediately as some of the others, but it's just as necessary.  Financial freedom is one of the most powerful positions to attain.

3. Negative emotions- Is there anyone in your life whose name strikes a certain reaction within you?  Did you know that stress is one of the highest rated killers in the world? Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we all have the ability to possess.  This doesn't mean that we should remain open to abuse, but we certain need to adequately process the things that happen to us so we don't harbor ill feelings, which create toxicity within ourselves.  If you'd never turn a gun upon yourself to take your life, don't let stress do it, either.

This list could go on and on.  Everyone has personal obstacles which hold him captive.  Discover yours, and declare yourself free from them.  Be sure to follow up with the adequate changes to attain and maintain that freedom.

Start that business.

Forgive the one who hurt you.

Live within your means.

Take time to heal.

Let go of the anger you've held since the deceased left you alone.

But now, if somebody owes you money, don't let that go. Get your money first! And then forgive him for taking so long to repay you.

It's Freedom Day! Be free today!

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