There's a new spot in town! Well, actually, the actually building isn't new, may know it as Archibald and Woodrow's BBQ  on McFarland Avenue.  The owners have changed and so did the name!

It is now called Sideline Bar and Grill!  If you haven't been there yet, you need to go check it out. There's been a lot of updates!


Sideline Bar and Grill has everything going on from live performances, with National Perfoming Artists, taco Tuesday, as well as ladies night on Thursdays night!On Saturday nights, Sideline Bar and Grill has Karaoke! Hosting it is the Queen of Karaoke, Lady Panga! The food is delicious  the drinks are the bomb and the atmosphere is grown and sexy!

Oh, did I mention I'll be joining Lady Panga? Yeeesss, I'll be at Sideline Bar and Grill as well on Saturdays!

A place for the grown folks to have some fun in a Saturday night!  Security is strictly enforced!