It has to be rough to be a police officer.  One never knows what the work day will entail. Without a doubt, those in law enforcement face some of the worst of humankind, and some of their stories are the things of which movies are made.

Such is the case for Birmingham authorities who responded to a call from a kidnapping victim. The woman, who was said to have been held against her will, was bound.  She worked with responding officers and led them to the location where a slain woman was discovered.

The kidnapping victim believes her knowledge of the murder is what led to her being kidnapped. Considering the fact that many people have been killed because they were witnesses to a crime or knew too much information, her ability to contact the authorities and escape may have saved her own life.

Suspects in the case have been identified, and an alert has been issued for a stolen vehicle. (Full story.)

Human trafficking and all of that aside, it is imperative for us to be aware of our surroundings AND the activities of those around us.

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