Each year, The Steve Harvey Morning Show gives away thousands of turkeys in affiliate markets, and for the 4th year in a row Lanier Automotive (246 Skyland Blvd East Tuscaloosa, AL 35405) has signed on as the sponsor for the event in Tuscaloosa. It goes down Tuesday, November 26.

Cassius Lanier, owner, says he takes joy in being able to provide food for past and potential customers as well as those who may never purchase a vehicle from him.

"Whether they buy a car from me or not, knowing I was able to alleviate a need in a household and help put food on the table means the most to me. It's a turkey, but look at how many people eat from that one bird. And you know us- that one bird is going to be MANY meals," Lanier said when asked about his motivation. "That's what it's all about to me. I'm able to show my appreciation to those who have helped me to be a success and express my gratitude for the blessings I've been given at the same time."

The time for the giveaway has yet to be released, but it is requested that recipients NOT come too early, as other businesses in the area don't want the traffic to stand in the way of their normal business operations.

Keep up with WTUG and WTSK to discover the exact time of the giveaway.

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