Tennessee lawmakers advanced legislation this week officially condemning a group of students for holding a 'Sex Week' event on campus.The Tennessee House of Representatives will do nothing to stop 'Sex Week' from taking place at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Instead, it declares the event, an outrageous misuse of student fees and grant monies, and that it fits nowhere within the mission of the university.

The annual event is sponsored by a campus organization called 'Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee.' The group wants to promote sexual health and empowerment.

Sex Week at the University of Tennessee isn't just about sex.
Lessons of consent, respect and boundaries are essential to Sex Week, known for its racy event titles and taboo topics, said student organizers of the University of Tennessee event

Sex Week started four years ago and faced strong opposition and criticism from state lawmakers in its first two years. After a compromise on funding, the event has stayed an annual one on campus, helping spread the conversation about sexual assault.

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