In the springtime, love is in full bloom and Leela James has delivered a romantic video that will melt your heart. The clip is for “All Over Again,” the singer’s elegant ballad from her latest effort, Did It for Love.

The song itself will certainly be a mainstay at weddings this summer. As for the video, it features James being romanticized by her significant other with balloons and gifts in a Hollywood mansion.

"Today I fell in love with you all over again / Just like the very first time you touched my skin / So caught up in this moment I don't want it to end / My lover, my friend," she sings.

Leela James, who is a new mom, said that motherhood helped her write many of the songs featured on Did It love.

"I’ve always made emotional, sultry, soulful music. I think motherhood puts you over the top because your emotions are all over the place because it’s a different kind of love when you become a parent and are a mother," she told Rated RNB. "Another standpoint is just the business aspect of things, you look at things differently. Before I had kids I was like, “Oh yeah, I’ll go here. I’ll go there.” Now, when you have kids you have to think about - plan it out. It’s just something that makes sense, not only for you but your family.

Watch Leela James' video above.

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