So, we have virtual meetings, virtual church, virtual school, virtual doctor’s appointments and virtual just about everything else you can think of doing face-to-face. However, the latest thing in entertainment is virtual concerts!

COVID-19 has severely altered most aspects of our lives, especially concert season. Granted, there are indoor concerts even in the winter, but there's something about the warmer months that create a greater sense of festivity.

Many artists used spring, summer, and fall months as their times to tour outdoor venues, but with increased concern for gatherings both indoors and outdoors as possible contributors to the spread of the novel coronavirus, most in-person concerts have been canceled for 2020.

Luckily, many artist have taken to using technology to remain in front of their fans. Some are selling tickets for as low as $9.99.  Then come artists like Lenny Williams!

Go ahead and get ready to sing along.

"Girl, you know I-I-I-I love you... No matter what you do.

And I hope you understand me

Every word I say is true

'Cause I loooovveeee yyyooouuu"

You frowned up when you sang that part, didn't you?  Go ahead and admit it.  It's ok.  You HAVE TO frown up when you sing it or else you don't mean it.

Ok, ok, back to Lenny Williams.

Lenny Williams recently spoke with us and told us of an upcoming virtual concert he'll be doing FOR FREE! He said this is something of an appreciation for those who've supported his music through the years as well as a brief respite from our new norm while dealing with and trying to avoid contraction of COVID-19.

Take a listen:

The concert takes place on November 14 at 6:30 p.m. PST/8:30 p.m. CST. More information available at this link.

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