Over the years, leaving a tip at a restaurant was great was just a good gesture because of the service you got.

Now it almost seems mandatory when going out to eat that you tip your server. Not only do we tip them but on the receipt, it tells you what is considered the lowest tip to the highest tip by giving in percentages!

Let me say I don't have a problem tipping, HOWEVER, for me, (just MY opinion) it depends on YOUR service.  For instance, when we were at the Applebee's in MS, the server didn't warn us that they had to make more chicken and would take at least 45 minutes. According to her manager, she knew. We sat there for an hour before the food came out.  I didn't think she should have gotten a 15% tip. I may be wrong but that's how I felt!

Now, if I like how I'm treated by a server, not only will I tip well, I'll ask for that particular one each time I go.

Anyway, there's more people that we tip like hotel bell hops, chefs, nail tech, hair dressers, we even tip the dealer at casinos!

Well, now we can add flight attendants to the list! Frontier Airlines just announced that their flight attendants are now allowed to accept tips.  The tips are optional, but you'll be able to add one in when you order a drink or a snack.

What do you think?

To read more about the tipping of flight attendants, chick here