Let’s Virtually Hangout: Five Easy Virtual Parties & Dates

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We are all continuing to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.  Also, we are still trying our best to adjust to what life has become for many of us.  I’ll admit, I am at the point where I miss having in-person connections.  I mean, I get some socially distanced interaction at work, but … you know what I mean.  [Insert laughs here] I miss my family, friends, game night, craft days, girl’s night out, Jell-O shot test tastings, and dates.

A great way to solve your personal connection issues is in the virtual world.  Now, I am a sucker for a good theme and what I have discovered is having a purpose for the virtual gathering is a big hit with those invited.  I feel like it gives us all a sense of purpose in planning and something to look forward too.

Grab your phone, tablet, or computer and jump on zoom and enjoy the virtual space.  Here are some recent virtual parties and dates I have been apart of that were tons of fun.

2 Drink Minimum – this is a great virtual date idea for some happy hour fun.  Super easy, set the date and time in advance.  As soon as possible, each person has to send their recipe to the other person, so they have time to get the ingredients.  Then during the virtual happy hour, you make the drinks together and enjoy each other’s creations.  So, you make your drink and the other person’s drink.  So, before it’s all done, you have at least two drinks.

Breakfast for Dinner – set a date and time with your friends, or I have done this as a date, where you have breakfast for dinner.  Everyone makes or picks up their dinner in advance of the meeting time.  It’s super fun to find out what everyone loves for breakfast.  One of my friends even did a grits bar with tons of different toppings.

Mimosas & Masks – get all your girlfriends together for a nice brunch outing but virtually.  Everyone should have their favorite champagne, juice, and a face mask ready to go.  As you all sip mimosas, then every start putting on their face mask.  It’s pretty hilarious to see everyone trying to put on the face mask treatment without a mirror and just using the video screen.

Two Truths and a Fiction – Get a group of friends together, and each person has to give out two truths and a lie.  The other guests need to figure out which one is the lie.

Women Who Wine & Whine – just an excuse to drink wine and vent (whine) about life with your friends.

Enjoy you’re your virtual gatherings and dates.

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