Just a few weeks ago, the Alabama Legislature agreed to close a number of driver’s license offices in rural areas as a means of balancing the General Fund. After a massive uproar, Gov. Bentley announced that these offices would open at least once per month, beginning next month, according to AL.com. But is this enough?

The term “at least” would cause one to think that for the most part, the offices would be open more than once per month. However, such language still leaves the possibility that an office could be open only once per month. Suppose 30 16-year-olds celebrate a birthday in a particular month and decide to get their driver’s licenses. If that office is only open once that month, some of these young drivers might not be able to get their licenses. Even if the office is open twice a month, that might not yield the time needed for new licenses and license renewals.

What are your thoughts? Should these offices be open at a greater minimum? Once per week perhaps?