It's funny how before you have kids, you could and would do anything you want!  Even though having children is one of the most beautiful things ever, you can't be as free.  Not to mention, it doesn't matter who you are, your children DEMANDS your time, just ask Beyonce!  Almost 90% of parents in a new survey said having kids was the best thing they've ever done. However, 70% also said they underestimated how much HARDER life would be.  Here are the top ten things parents miss about not having kids . . .


1.  Getting to be lazy on the weekend.

2.  A clean and tidy house.

3.  Total peace and quiet while you're watching TV.

4.  Getting to leave the house whenever you want, without worrying about a babysitter.

5.  Spending money without worrying about your budget so much.

6.  Taking a shower or bath without being interrupted.

7.  Date nights.

8.  Going to the bathroom without being interrupted.

9.  Being able to take a vacation any time of year, not just in the summer.

10.  Getting a good night's sleep more often.


A few more from the top 50 include being able to listen to music YOU want to listen to in the car, going out with friends more often, being able to rest when you're hung over, not being asked "WHY" all the time, watching R-rated movies, being able to curse whenever you want to.