Being that local business is the fabric of the economy, most of us make deliberate attempts to shop locally.  We take pride in knowing we're doing our parts to not only sustain the economy but also in supporting our families, neighbors, and friends in fulfilling their dreams of entrepreneurship.

However, no matter how much we attempt to stay abreast of the things going on around us, there are some businesses we simply don't know about until someone else tells us about them or they have a booth set up in a pop up shop.

That, in and of itself, is one of the beauties of events such as the one being held at New Zion Baptist Church this Saturday.


Just in time for Christmas, this event gives us the opportunity to become acquainted with businesses we may or may not have known about; and because we're already in gift-shopping mode, we are more likely to purchase unique items for our families and loved ones.

This event features health and beauty products, specialty food items, boutique fashions, accessories, and more. It goes without saying that certain accessories can give an outfit an entirely different appearance.  So, one boutique item can have many different looks. Making one or two purchases from each of the businesses at this bizarre can create a variety of looks for different days.

In addition, when you shop local, there is no shipping fee! So, be sure to make plans to stop by this event this Saturday.

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Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama

Health and Beauty Products by Women in West Alabama



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