It's was that time folks, for me to make my quarterly visit to clayton Homes of Northport. Always good to stop in and check on the place, Bob the Manager is always so cool and is a pure as a throwback than you could ever meet. Always good to pay him and visit and get great stories about Clayton homes and what they have to offer this month on a great Manufactured Home.

I had the pleasure of having beautiful tour guide on the lot Taylor Brown, who knew everything about every model on the Lot, including the Breeze Two, which buy the way that sale extends through the end of the month and is just $69,000.00.

So Make sure you stop through Clayton Homes of Northport, 4401 Mc Farland Blvd. or call them at 205 339 5397 ask for my girl Taylor Brown she will take good care of you if you are looking to get into a super great looking home at a discount price

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