This week of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' begins with Tahiry and Joe Budden's back and forth antics. The model-actress attended a fashion show and while on the red carpet, the rapper hows up. She's not amused, but invites himself to sit next to her anyway -- he even puts his hands on her waist. “Really? Don’t you got a couple bitches?” Tahiry asks him. He doesn’t get her back by the end of the fashion show, but we know he’ll eventually try again.

Meanwhile, Amina meets with her sister Sophie to talk about her crumbling marriage with Peter Gunz. But Sophie isn’t surprised and tells Amina that she’s always putting herself in toxic relationships.

While on a photo shoot with Cyn Santana, Erica Mena gives her a chain and then reveals to her that she's signed a deal with Rich Dollaz’s label. Cyn gets protective again and says she’ll be watching him with a close eye. A little later, Erica comes into a studio where Peter Gunz is sitting. He starts playing her new track and she’s happy with the outcome. She then thanks him by sitting on his “big Daddy” lap and they kiss. A few days later, Erica goes back to speak to Dollaz and tells him, “Deep down everything she’s [Cyn] showing me and giving me everything I want from you.”

Erica is caught between her two lovers and meets with her friend Albee for advice. She tells him everything that has gone down in the past few weeks. “What do you want?” Albee asks her. “Secretly, I know it will never happen,” she says of Dollaz and her getting back together.

Later on, K. Michelle and Tara meet up. “If a man wants you, nothing will keep him away from him,” the singer tells Tara. She advises Tara to sit down with Peter and Amina to clear the air -- and of course bring her Vaseline and Timberland boots just in case.

Later on, Peter brings Amina to the studio and Tara walks through the door. The emotional conversation escalates. "I haven't been honest with either one of y'all," Peter starts off. "This is a pattern that you have," says Tara. "Don't you see that you lost him a long time ago?" Amina yells to Tara. But Amina is aloof to the fact Peter has been cheating on her with Tara. "I just sat on it. Whenever I want," Tara yells back. Amina asks him directly, "Did you?" After Peter admits, the tears start pouring out. "You're my husband!" she yells. "You not having me anymore.”

Peter tries to blame Tara for bringing the truth out, but at this point he should accept that he needs to take responsibility for his wishy-washy ways.

Yandy gets hit with a reality check from her artist Jay Dinero. He tells her that just because Mendeecees has been approved for bail, there is no guarantee his hearing will happen anytime soon. Dinero advises her to focus on her work to help the time pass and to make money so when bail comes, she'll be able to pay up.

In the final scene, Peter shows up at Amina’s yoga studio and brings her flowers. She throws them on the ground and starts giving demands. If he wants her back she'll let her meet his kids. “Meeting my kids is a no go,” Gunz says. With no progress made she turns her back and leaves him standing outside as he looks helpless.

Peter is losing big time right now. Perhaps he should leave both women alone and figure himself out. Chances are, he probably won't do that.

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