Luther Vandross Mini-Concert

Today, Thursday, September 26, 2019, the Pepsi Mini Concert will feature Luther Vandross. As we honor Luther on the mini-concert stage, it’s hard to believe that he has been gone for 14 years.  His unique voice, smooth sound, and multi-platinum music still warm the airwaves of 92.9 WTUG.  According to, “overall, Luther received 31 Grammy Award nominations, winning eight times. Additionally, Luther won eight American Music Awards, including Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist seven times.

What are your favorite Luther Vandross songs?  I mean he has had over 40 million record sales worldwide since 1981. Feel free to request them at 205.391.0093.  But everyone has a certain Luther song that sets the mood, brings back a great memory, or just makes you fall in love all over again.  My personal favorite is “A House Is Not a Home” released in 1981 because I used to sneak and listen to the Quiet Storm after my parents went to bed.  And that song would come on the radio, and I was just amazed at the musical arrangement and vocals.

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