Alabama native Rickey Smiley was on the receiving end of some pretty big accusations from a legendary comedian on a recent Club Shay Shay podcast.

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Shannon Sharpe hosts Club Shay Shay, a podcast that serves “weekly episodes with the biggest names in sports & entertainment.” Sharpe is a Savannah State Alumni, 3X Super Bowl Champ, and in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On Wednesday, January 3, another Club Shay Shay episode dropped that rocked the entire comedy and entertainment world. The guest, Katt Williams, aired his issues with multiple comedians, including our very own Ricky Smiley.

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Did Kat Williams Accuse Rickey Smiley of Lying?

Williams discussed at length how he got his role in the movie ‘Friday After Next,’ released in 2002.

“Williams portrayed the character Money Mike, while Smiley played the role of Santa Claus. Smiley previously told Sharpe he originally had the role of Money Mike,” said USA Today.

There were many other shots fired at Smiley by Williams, including Smiley being bitter that he did not get the role of Money Mike.

This morning on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, which airs on 92.9 WTUG, Smiley addressed those accusations.

Smiley said for clarification during his live morning show broadcast that he “went out to audition for ‘Friday After Next’ as Money Mike, not the Santa Claus, and that is the honest God truth.” Smiley added that he had “no reason to go on the Shannon Sharpe show and lie about any of that.” He also felt that when the producers of the movie “added the whole pimp twist to that character,” it “was actually a better decision and made it funny.”

‘Friday After Next’ was Released November 2002

Smiley invited his former manager Gary Abdo, the owner of the Atlanta Comedy Theater, for further support of his side of the situation. Abdo quickly mentioned that the events occurred over 20 years ago.

He did confirm that Smiley auditioned for the Money Mike role.  “They said great. We want you to play this role. My recollection is you had to go back and read for the execs from the studio one final time, and the night before that, we got different sides, and they said that we want you to play this role.”

Money Mike vs. Santa Claus

They didn’t understand the role switch to the Santa Claus at the time. But then, it was clear that Katt Williams came in and “blew them away,” said Abdo. “He's an incredible performer. That was probably one of the most iconic breakout parts in movie history. I mean, that was literally Katt’s first movie.”

Smiley did say that he was glad he ended up in the Santa Claus role because it was iconic and perfect for him. “At the time, I was skinny and could run fast.” Abdo chimed in that he “could squeeze over that gate.”

We are following this story and will bring any updates.

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During the podcast, Williams dishes on other comedians like Wanda Smith, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and Kevin Hart in the podcast. In addition, he chimes in on the entertainment world by discussing “situations involving Taraji P. Henson, Nick Cannon, Jonathan Majors, and Kanye West,” said Club Shay Shay.

Here is the full Club Shay Shay interview. 

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