Move over, Uber!  Lyft is the new ride-sharing/car service in town. Lyft works the same as Uber, but some say they like Lyft more because of 'political reasons'.

Lyft will launch at 12PM today in Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Montgomery, Auburn, and Huntsville.

The new ride-sharing/car services like Lyft and Uber offer a better alternative. It will definitely help in a college town where some students may be without cars, or don't want to drive home drunk from the bar.

At a touch of a button from your smartphone app, you can have a ride to anywhere you are in less than 10 minutes. You're also able to see an estimate of how much it may cost.

Uber launched in Tuscaloosa over the summer after a lot of friction with City Hall officials. Eventually, they decided on regulations to insure the safety of people in town.

Today you can get $5 off your Lyft ride with code, "LYFTLOVE17".

Happy Lyfting!

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