Spooky season is upon us! While many prepare for costume contests and nights out, some makeup artists put their skills to work to bring about the final believable touches to Halloween looks.

Finish Your Spooky Look with Makeup Tricks

The skill on display in these photos shows that artistry can take many forms.

There are so many people who see makeup as a simple enhancement to natural beauty, which is true.  However, in these cases, makeup was used to bring the absolute worst to life in a most beautiful way!

Some of these looks almost walk the line between that which is deemed acceptable by societal standards and a slight meandering on the side of evil and the occult while others depict appearances which simulate how things might be in cases of unfortunate incidents.

It is important to note that such skill is not only useful to add emphasis to Halloween looks, but it may also be used in theater and other visual arts where it is imperative to “believe” the actor.

Because of the current pandemic, many occupations which provide personal services to individuals have seen a major decrease in activity.  However, each of these artists may be available for consultation and it would be worth asking if they could give one-on-one advice in completing your look virtually.

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