In her latest video, Malina Moye quits her job and lands in a psychedelic dimension where funky riffs reign, Bootsy Collins makes random appearances and mink coats are the norm. This is expected from a visual for a song called 'K-yotic.'

'K-yotic,' which Guitar World Magazine called the "the funk-stomp anthem," features a steady riff that recalls funk in its prime era, random ravings from the legendary Bootsy Collins and a show-stopping solo near the end. The clip also features drummer Frankie "Kash" Waddy, who was part of James Brown's legendary Parliament Funkadelic with Collins.

The off-beat nature of the video falls in line with what director Marc Fusco, Steven Spielberg's protege, envisioned. "I knew with an amazing performer like Malina and the colorful Bootsy Collins, we could stretch the boundaries of reality with the 'K-yotic' music video," he said. "There's an 'Alice In Wonderland'/'Wizard of Oz' vibe that adds a lot of fun and humor to the whole thing, yet it still remains sexy as hell."

The video is another stretch for a female guitarist who has been breaking boundaries. Malina was the first female African-American guitarist to play 'Star-Spangled Banner' at a sporting event. She's also recognized as Fender guitar's first African-American left-handed upside-down female endorsee to join the family and is considered one of the top female guitarists in the world.