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Now this might sound a little gross and it is. A man had to be rushed to a hospital after having a tumbler glass stuck in his rear.The container, measuring seven centimetre (2.8 inches) in diameter, had been trapped inside the body of the 33-year-old patient for two days.

Doctor performed an abdominal operation in order to remove the glassware, which had broken while being lodged inside the man's rectum.

The man told the doctors that he was unable to retrieve the glass and that,

It has been stuck in there for two days and it is not coming out. It (the anus) is swelling so much and causing me pain,

An X-ray showed a tumbler glass being stuck in the mans rectum. It measured eight centimetres (3.15 inch) tall and seven centimetres wide (2.8 inches).

The patient, said to be married and have children, refused to tell the doctors how the tumbler glass ended up in his rear.

However, the doctor suggested

that a very few number of cases were caused by intentional harm by others, most of them insert objects into the buttocks voluntarily.

Voluntarily? No way in the H#LL am I going to stick anything, let alone a glass up my (rhymes with glass).

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