Imagine being an officer of the law in pursuit of a suspect who leads you on a chase into the woods.  You release your K-9 to track down the suspect, but the dog alerts you to a totally different situation: a field of growing marijuana.

According to the Pickens County Herald, this actually happened earlier this month when Game & Fish officers took pursuit of a suspect around the Poplar Springs area near Reform.

Surely the farmer of this field never expected to be discovered this way.

How big (or small) was the field?

How awkward would it be if the suspect knew about the field and wanted its owner to get into trouble without actually reporting the field to the authorities himself?

Did the dog stop in his tracks at the smell of the plant, letting the initially sought suspect get away?

What did the officers do with the field they discovered?  Were all of the plants confiscated and burned? Were they sold to dispensaries?

Seriously, think about it… We’re in a pandemic here.  Economies are suffering, innovators are working to think of ways to generate jobs and income, and here we are with an entire field of marijuana!

Simple solution: Take the confiscated plants and sell them to companies that process, package, and sell the good legally.  THAT is how you come up from such situations and add to your local revenue without destroying perfectly good product simply because it’s illegal in your area. You don't have to agree with it to benefit from it.

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