There are some things in life for which we can easily forgive others. Then, there are some things that we see as possibly unforgiveable. (This is certainly a figure of speech, especially in the Bible Belt, where forgiveness is a virtue.)

In many cases, mental illness is attributed to heinous acts.  This has to be what happened with 27-year-old Jasilyn Shebreit Hughes, who is accused of burning the body of her 4-month-old daughter Jahzara Harris.

The cause of the child's death is not clear, and Hughes currently has no charges against her in the death, but she is facing felony charges with the abuse of a corpse as a result of allegedly placing the body into a bag and setting it on fire.

Hughes remained in jail Tuesday on a $250,000 bond.

To lose a child is said to be one of the most painful experiences a person can endure, as children are supposed to be the continuation of a life cycle.  When we have children, parts of us are embedded in their DNA. These characteristics are expected to be passed along from generation to generation.

No one ever expects their children to die before they do. So, when a child does, unless it is at the hands of the parent, many parents are unable to cope with their loss and suffer lapses in mental health.  Their reactions are not always logical.

Being that the child was only four months old, there's a possibility of post-partum depression taking on a role. Until it is determined how the child died, one would want to think that the mother suffered a mental breakdown or that she accidentally caused the death and panicked.

Otherwise, there's an evil of monumental magnitude within Hughes.  That's not to say she can't be forgiven, but it'll certainly be hard for anyone to understand.

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