This Man has truly lost his mind!!



Dang, I guess $30,000 isn't enough!  I'm not saying he's a gold digger...actually, I am!

So you already know Kendu Isaacs, Mary J's ex, who was also her former manager, was awarded $30,000 a month from Mary. Well, this man has the nerve to go to the court saying he need for more funds. Kendu Isaacs asking for an increase in temporary spousal support from the R&B legend. Isaacs says  the singer’s latest project, which he believes is entirely about their publicized divorce. He’s now seeking $65,000 a month from Mary!

He believes she wouldn't have had such sucess with her lastest album if he didn't hurt her.  What a creep!

Meanwhile, Mary is currently enjoying the praise from her role in the highly anticipated film, Mudbound. The project will be released on Netflix and in select theaters November 17.