Mary K’s Margarita Monday

Scale 1 – 10 (1 being not so good and 10 being fabulous)

Join me on the search for the perfect and most fabulous Margarita in Tuscaloosa.  My first stop was to Taco Mama on University Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa.  What a great place!  It was my lucky day because I found parking within a few feet of this taco and margarita dynasty.  The energy of this spot was really awesome, everyone was nice, patrons were cool, and Marvin Gaye “Got to Get It Up” was setting the mood.

The drink menu had so many choices like the Mercedes, Jose Jalapeno, Houdini Frozen, and more.  I decided on the Watermelon Margarita which was served on the rocks!  FRESH Watermelon chunks were muddled, along with triple sec, lime juice, and Pepe Lopez silver tequila.  I never had this tequila before so I was very intrigued.  This margarita was really good receiving a 9!  I believe I need to go back and try every margarita they offer.

If you would like to invite me or suggest margarita spot that I need to check out please email me at

Happy Margarita Monday, @MaryKRadio

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