McDonald’s “world famous french fries” may be the cure for more than just hunger.A stem cell research team may have found a way to eliminate baldness by using an ingredient in McDonald’s french fries.

The scientists discovered the chemical dimethylpolysiloxane, a silicone used in McDonald’s fry oil to prevent splashing, can be used to mass produce hair follicles on mice.

The 'simple method' has proved widely successful in creating hair follicle germs (HFG), or cells that help grow hair follicles.

The research team credits the use of dimethylpolysiloxane in the ground-breaking experiment that has resulted in thousands of simultaneous hair follicle germs.

Though the method has only been used in mice, the team feels the technique will be able to be used on humans with similarly impressive results.

You may grow back your hair and your waistline.

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