For about a month now, WTUG has been playing Classic Hip Hop on Friday nights from 7 until midnight, and Tuscaloosa has taken note.

The Friday Night Cypher has been all the talk lately, and many conversations begin like this:

"I don't know WHO that is on WTUG on Friday nights, but...."  and then come the compliments."

Well, here's the face of the voice behind the mic.  Quis (short for Marquis) has been a fan of hip hop since his early upbringing in California.  So of course, he is somewhat partial to West Coast music.  However, he has a deep appreciation for it all.

If you're a fan of old school hip hop and want to hear the music that provided the soundtrack for your life during your preteen, teen, and young adult years, be sure to join Quis for the Friday Night Cypher on WTUG.  And keep in mind that you can also listen through Alexa (simply tell her to enable the WTUG skill), and via the WTUG app!

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