It is said that if you want to truly know a person, take a good look at that person's friends.  If that's so, I must be full of humor!

Many people know that I absolutely LOVE social media!  It's not that I care to know what a person is doing, how they're living, etc.  (And I also hope nobody cares that much about my everyday life. It's actually quite mundane.)

But most of my friends share posts that are either encouraging, inspirational, or flat out funny!  Usually, it's the latter, and I greatly appreciate it. Sometimes, one good laugh can completely turn a day around.

Anyway, I was going through my feed on Facebook and came across this gem:

I wish I could say exactly how many times I've seen this face, but I can't.  Almost EVERY time a person has had their bio read before others, they've looked like this.

It's not church-exclusive, although most often seen in church.  Motivational speakers, financial gurus, commencement speakers and anybody else whose bio is being read... If I had to "guesstimate," I'd say about 85% of them look just like this.

And if you're one of those who has to sit through your bio being read, go ahead and laugh.  There's no doubt you're going to remember this the next time and try to look different.

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