Most of us have heard the phrase, "Don't forget where you came from," and as grammatically incorrect as it is, the statement carries a heavy weight. It is a reminder of those who are successful to not only give back to where they received a lift along the way but to also be an example for others to follow.

Fortunately, this is not a reminder which must be given to Chicago White Sox shortstop and batting champion Tim Anderson!

Anderson regularly gives back to West Alabama, as he is a Moundville native who also attended Hillcrest High School.

Just before Thanksgiving, Anderson's family and members of his charitable foundation "League of Leaders" hosted a fall festival and turkey giveaway at the Barnes YMCA. It featured tons of fun and games.

A total of 205 turkeys were given away in addition to the popcorn and cotton candy enjoyed by the children.

This surely made for a Happy Thanksgiving for local families.  Kudos to the Andersons and their support system!

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