Each year, WTUG attends the Career Fair at MLK Elementary.  We tell the children about our jobs, how we got into the field, the most important (school) subjects used in radio, and so on.

We always ask them if they have any questions they'd like to ask.  Most want to know if we meet celebrities, and if so, which ones. Others are not shy about asking how much we make.  Today's most popular question seemed to be, "Are you famous?"

And the answer was, "Uhhh... Maybe in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas."

Some of the children asked to be on the radio, and we recorded them. They all seemed to be impressed by the fact that we get paid to talk, especially when they're always being told to stop talking.

Then came little Tristan.  He approached our station with very high energy and maintained it the entire time he was there.  He joyfully exclaimed that he could rap, beatbox, and sing.


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