On the first Monday of the new year, it's important to stay in the mode of progressive thinking and positive influences.

Coming off a weekend (or in my case, vacation), it can be extremely difficult to get back to work.  This morning, I thought about the concept of work, and I realized I was looking at it all wrong.

Most of us have heard the concept of making a career doing something you'd do for free and you'll never work another day in your life. Yet, we still expect compensation that affords us a comfortable living.  So, it's easy to get caught up on the pay or lack thereof.

This year, I decided to focus on not the check but the change, as in what I can bring to the table to make my company or organization better. Am I putting my skill set to use? Do I present my current ideas to upper management? Have I made my impact on my immediate surroundings?

Once these things are in place, the compensation will have to match it. So, here's to an all new year! Don't worry about the check.  Be the necessary change, and the check will come.

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