Anyone who has listened to WTUG over the past year knows that Monique Jordan doesn't mind belting out a few lines of a song she likes. Well today, DJ Twyst caught her live in action.

Before you watch the video, understand that Monique is well aware that she isn't the best singer.  However, she usually maintains the melody.... Usually!

In this clip, she is singing along to Calvin Richardson's "Can't Let Go," which is one of our most requested songs. EVERYBODY loves this song, including Monique!  So, when it's on, she can't help herself.

(Warning: Language NSFW)

As you can see on the post, DJ Twyst tagged Calvin Richardson... And he commented!!!  He said he will have a mic waiting for her.

That time is quickly approaching. Calvin Richardson is the headliner for the Pre-Memorial Day Concert at Jay's Farm Place in Sawyerville, AL.

Of course we're going to be there!  Make sure you're there, too!

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