Montgomery, AL believes in Rallying behind things that are most important to them! 


On Sunday, about 100 people gathered in Montgomery, Alabama to hold a candlelight vigil or a Taco Bell that burned down the week before. The group of people gathered in the Arby's parking lot, next to where the Taco Bell used to be.

It actually started off as a joke but word got out of the vigil and people came out! They held candles, there was even a musical performance!  LOL, then, everyone talked about how the other restaurants in the area didn't compare to Taco Bell!

One woman through Waffle House under the bus by saying "Waffle House is open, but if you really want to get full, you've got to have $10 dollars and sometimes they're out of waffles.  Taco Bell, they're never out of tortillas."  Oh, the shade!

Thanks God, no one was hurt when the Taco Bell burned down.  The Owners had no idea this vigil was planned and plan to rebuild.