Yesterday, mothers who were nominated to win a makeover and photo shoot were entered into a competition in which their family, friends, and radio listeners would vote on a winner.  Well, it resulted in a tie!

So, voting has been extended until 12 noon.

The mothers:


hi my name is marion I am 8 years old I want to nominate my mom Delois Rivers for the mothers day spa treatment. to me she is the best she works hard to try to give me everything I want 8 years ago she had me by surprise on mother's day she didn't know she was pregnant with me ,some months after that she lost full custody of me due to my dad her ex husband and some more issues, mom has really been thought a lot she has battled being in foster care for 18 years, an abusive marriage, even messing up her credit to help others. so please if anyone is eligible for this it would be her because she never had anyone to do anything nice for her in her life. she is the best mom anyone can have so please pick my mommy so she can really know how much I appreciate her being the strong independent single black mother that she is!! thank you in advance.


I’m sending in this photo for the Mother’s Day drawing. My mom, Cynthia, has been the best mother to raise a young man as myself. Playing both roles of mother and father. Sacrificing numerous things to make sure I got any and everything I need. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. The strongest woman I know dealing with a young boy and paying for a house, car, and other bills all on her own. She makes a way out of no way and she will forever be the person I look up to and strive to keep happy. If I could give her the world and some I would. I love her more than life myself.

Sounds like they both deserve the visit to Salon R, BonMercy Beauty Bar, and Camera Play Photography.  Details here.


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