I think everyone knows that in the State of Alabama when you see emergency Vehicles stopped on the side of the road, that means you need to work hard to move over or slow down considerably. I just heard on PSA the other day the amount of deaths that have accord in the state of Alabama this year alone. The question though is how do you safely get over or slow down without causing an accident yourself?

The following tips to not only help drivers get out of  the way securely but also to allow emergency vehicles to arrive at their destination safely and quickly as time plays an important factor for them.

  • Pull Over To The Right – Pull over to your right every time when it’s safe to do so and let emergency vehicles pass. Keep an eye on other vehicles in the right lane and don’t force your vehicle into the right lane.
  • Never Stop – Never just stop in the middle of the road when attempting to get out of the way.
  • Never Pass an Emergency Vehicle – Whether you have the green light or not, never, ever, attempt to pass an emergency vehicle.
  • Never Pull Over to the Left – When attempting to pull Never do so to the left of the road way as that lane is designated for emergency vehicles.
  • Do Not Follow Behind – Never tailgate behind an emergency vehicle with its sirens on, drivers must always keep a distance of 500 feet.

With these tips in mind you should be good to go the next time you see or hear sirens creeping up behind you when driving.


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