One of the biggest attractions I've found in the state of Alabama is actually a gas station. You guessed it! Buc-ee's.

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This place is like Disney world to me. It's something about that beaver and his gas station that's magical to me. The different food choices, the random odds and ends items they sell as well as the nostalgic items in the building. I can never walk out without spending more than I intended.

Over the weekend, I need up taking a trip to the Buc-ee's in Leeds and before I knew it, I was spending close to $90 and didn't even get any gas.

I had to explain to my wife, certain items you just have to get when you go to Buc-ee's.

Since I consider myself a Buc-ee's veteran, it's only right I inform others about some of the must-try items they sell.

11 Must-Try Items At Buc-ees

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