In the age of technology, computers are EVERYWHERE!  They do everything for us.

How many phone numbers did you used to know before having the ability to store them in your phone?  How many numbers do you know now? Outside your immediate family, if your life depended on you knowing the phone number of one person (short codes like 911 don't count) and dialing it accurately, would you be dead or alive?

We go so far as to set alarms for everyday necessities like reminders to take our medicines.

This morning, I was thinking about the story on BP giving discounts to first responders and medical personnel.  It made me think... If I was eligible, how much would it take me to fill up?  My next thought was how long I could ride on a fill-up.  I remembered seeing "433 miles to E" after one fill-up and "500 miles to E" another time.  So, my guess would be at least 400 miles.

Knowing I have at least 400 miles on a tank of gas, I should be ashamed of how low I allow my fuel level to get before I refuel.  If the dash tells me I have anything more than 0 miles to E, I'm nervous, but I still feel like I'm safe because I'm always within one mile of a service station. Shameful, I know.

But the same goes for my oil changes.  The tech always places a sticker in the window, telling me the next time I should get my oil changed.  What do I do? I wait for the dashboard to tell me I need to get my oil changed, of course. I mean, why spend money doing something unnecessary?

Am I the only one who relies on technology rather than tradition?  Am I wrong?

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