Hundreds of people showed up for Townsquare Media's Annual Bacon Brew and Cue!


Yesterday, I met people that has been to our prior Bacon Brew and Cue events, I've also met people that just were passing through and wanted to know what was going on!  Either way, everyone really had a good time,  so did I.

I was the photographer yesterday, so I had a chance to meet a lot of the people that attended! Dozens of people agreed that this year's Bacon Brew and Cue was the best this far and can't wait for next year's event!

The only complaint that I heard of was waiting in line to come in. We Apologize for the long wait, we opened another line to accommodate the long line. Thank you so much for having patience.

Again we'd like to thank all of the restaurants that participated, the Breweries and our sponsors including The Mezrano Law Firm and New Belgium!