While many motorists were stranded in their vehicles, and residents were forced to evacuate their homes during the flooding on the East Coast, one result of the flooding caught many completely off guard: the unearthing of caskets.

So, aside from having to find refuge and the basic necessities of life, some families are now faced with the task of locating loved ones who they'd believed to have been buried in permanent resting places.

Anyone whose cities have been affected by tornadoes and those in coastal areas which have been destroyed by hurricanes personally know how devastating a natural disaster can be for a community, but according to one UK news source, half of the entire state of South Carolina is under water.  Sad state indeed, as even dams failed. Even more so hazardous for South Carolina is the fact that flood waters can absorb dangerous chemicals used in embalming bodies.

Of course, as flood waters recede, there will be some lasting effects; and we should all be prepared to pitch in and do what we can to alleviate the burdens of our brothers and sisters if possible.