One of the greatest parts of the Steve Harvey Morning Show is when Nephew Tommy prank calls unsuspecting participants.

There are all kinds of conversationalists in the world. Some people are truly blessed with the gift of gab and can carry on a conversation with just about anyone... family, friends, and strangers alike. Then, there are other people who seem to be gifted with the ability to simply tick people off. Nephew Tommy definitely fits into this category! He may be able to carry on conversation, but he knows exactly what buttons to press to get people out of character.

Tommy has called people from all walks of life: housewives, entrepreneurs, married people, those in relationships, brides to be, and the list goes on.  Most of the people he calls start off professional and maybe even meek; and Tommy always finds a way to bring out the worst in them... Until David Mann.

Nephew Tommy recently called David Mann and tried his best to get David to display his worst.  Take a listen.


If David Mann isn't the epitome of what it means to be "unbothered," there is no such thing as being unbothered!

There are many nuggets to take from this piece.

  1. David Mann refused to stoop to the caller's level.
  2. Mr. Mann provided a great example of what it means to be slow to anger.
  3. Rich people can be completely detached from reality. No one evicts a tenant because they haven't paid a utility bill until it becomes a hazard.
  4. Many people have commented on the fact that Mr. Mann's mother lives in an apartment.  That just may be her preference. Regardless of how successful some people are, their loved ones may still want to be independent. (And it could be an assisted living facility.)

This call was compared to the call to Keith Sweat.  Sweat kept his composure for a long time too, but very smoothly expressed his anger.  He was ready to make things happen.

Great to see these men maintain civility even when their buttons have been pushed.

To Mr. Mann, the Christian community thanks you!

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