Remember the day when you’d hear a song that echoed the sentiments of your heart?

When it was about love, you’d your favorite radio station and request it, dedicating it to the person who made you feel that way.  When it was about social injustice, you’d play it loudly in your car with volume turned all the way up and the windows all the way down.

You’d make it to your destination but never leave your vehicle until the last note.  It didn’t matter if you were late for an appointment or if you had just a few minutes to clock in as long as you made it in time to not be penalized.

Somehow, Alvin Garrett managed to capture the spirit of today’s climate with a few simple words: Something’s different this time.

The simplicity of the song is EVERYTHING! Nothing is over the top.  No complex lyrics or melodies, simple strings and percussion.  The vocals almost cry the tears we haven’t allowed to fall.

It is said that Garrett wrote this song while a demonstration was taking place on May 30th.  In such, he captured raw emotion with perfection.

Granted, this isn’t the first time there was public outcry over injustice, but it is the first time many of us have witnessed a person crying for his life for close to nine minutes while others stood idly by and did nothing to help.

Give the song a listen, and be sure to share it with others who might have difficulty explaining exactly how they feel about everything going on around them.

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Tuscaloosa Peaceful Racial Justice Rally

Tuscaloosa Peaceful Racial Justice Rally



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