Over the weekend, Jade Nicole made an announcement she would no longer be doing midday's and would be handing it over to me. What big shoes to fill? Jade has been at WTUG for 14 years. To put it lightly, she's a phenomenal woman for sure. Since moving to Tuscaloosa in October, she's always helped me or just sent an encouraging text when I was feeling down.

Today is my first day in the midday. It felt like the first day of college. So many emotions were running through my head. But one thing I kept telling myself, is to 'stay true'. I'm my own person, and I need to be myself and people will grow to love me too. Like they say, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

I plan on building on what Jade Nicole has done over the years and adding my twist. I appreciate everyone's words of encouragement that were sent to me. I love the community of Tuscaloosa and I'm excited to share myself with you all each and every day from 9AM-2PM. I hope you stick along for the ride!

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