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Do you use on line dating apps?  Have you ever gone out toi dinner with someone you have met on a dating app?  Well, if you answered yes to either question, you may want to read this!

There's a 45-year-old guy named Paul Guadalupe Gonzales from Pasadena, California, and he was running a hell of a scam for the past few years.

Paul would meet women on dating apps, then he would go on dates with them to nice restaurants all over the L.A. area.. Once it was time for the bill to come back, I guess he would excuse himself by going to the bathroom and NEVER come back! He would leave the woman just sitting there! .

He did it at least 10 times between May of 2016 and April of this year, and eight of the women covered the bill.  The restaurants handled the other two.

Well, the cops finally figured out his identity in July, and he was arrested on Saturday.

You may think that dining-and-dashing is not that big of a deal but apparently it is.  He's facing 10 felony charges for things like extortion and grand theft and he could get up to 13 YEARS in prison!  So ladies, when you meet someone on the dating app, it doesn't hurt to be suspecious